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Here's what we do:

  • cobweb removal:corners, rafters, ceilings; window sills and frames dusted; pictures and mirrors cleaned; lamps and lamp shades dusted; floors dust mopped or vacuumed; waste baskets emptied, cleaned, and relined; change linen, if left out; vacuum chairs and sofa
  • general items are organized, chairs, pillows, etc.
  • refrigerator cleaned; stove top/drip pans cleaned; stove sides and front cleaned; countertops and backsplash cleaned; microwave and all other appliances cleaned; sink and fixtures cleaned; floors mopped
  • waste baskets emptied, cleaned, and relined


  • tub/shower tile cleaned; shower door and track cleaned; toilet cleaned inside and out; mirror, pictures, and vanity tops cleaned
  • floor mopped/vacuumed; waste baskets emptied, cleaned, and relined.
Note:Totally Clean does not perform laundry service.
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